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Volume One - Into the Victorian Age - A concise history of Penarth Dock and the coal trade . . .

Looking out today over the inappropriately named Cardiff Bay from the high ground of Penarth Head you spy the remnants of “Tiger Bay”, which had similar social problems, however, Cardiff is said to be have been the first truly cosmopolitan community in the country.

Some say mariners christened the Bay because they were reminded of raging tigers when they saw the swirling waters and fierce currents flowing around the tidal channels and inlets of the River Severn and the Bristol Channel. Another source suggests it was earned more by reputation and yet another theory suggests that a music hall song of the same name, performed by Harry Moreton in 1871, was the source of the name. 'Tiger Bay' was immortalised in the 1959 film staring John Mills and Hayley Mills, filmed on location at Newport, Barry and Cardiff. Cinema goers knowledgeable of the coast roads are said to have shouted en bloc 'not that way' in the famous car dash to Barry scene!

The route of the police chase was through the lanes nearby the beaches at Lavernock and Swanbridge, then onto No.2 Dock at Barry and finally boarding a Barry Pilot boat at the old steamer pontoon in the harbour to intercept the s.s. 'Paloma' with the fugitive Korchinsky aboard. Many thanks to Peter Ford-Evans for the impetus to 'look-again' at the film and its locations. [20171222].

The Missions to Seamen was founded at Penarth in the hope that mariners would be provided with the opportunity to attend its religious services. Vessels were often moored up for extended periods awaiting loading with coal on the Penarth Flats and the opportunity to be visited and to attend Sunday service was welcomed by numerous mariners. see also the chapter 'The Missions to Seamen at Penarth'.

Vessels were categorised as Sloops (1 mast), Schooner or Brig (2 masts), Barque, Bark, Schooner, Snow or Ship (3 masts) also there were the local “Severn Trows” which could be rigged as a Smack. Confused? So am I.


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150 years of Penarth Dock History and Heritage

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