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Volume One - Into the Victorian Age - The official opening of the docks . . .

The whole of the plant lies alongside the Penarth Railway, which communicates by the Taff Vale Railway with all parts of the kingdom. It is also close to Penarth Dock, and therefore has every facility of removal by land and water carriage.

The sale will commence each day at eleven for twelve o'clock precisely. Catalogues may be had as soon as ready on application to the Auctioneers, Cardiff." - Leeds Mercury - [195] - August 1866.

They forgot to mention the kitchen sink was for sale as well! The sale of some rails triggered a dispute which was only finally resolved in 1908, over 40 years later. The entire story is covered in Volume 6 Chapter 9.

A lovely snippet from the Cardiff Times [019] of 16th November 1867, entitled “Penarth – The Dock” reports somewhat formerly that:

“Nineteen vessels entered the Dock during the week, and twenty-nine sailed. A horse and cart belonging to Mr. Daniel Jones, builder, was backed into the Dock, at the upper end. The horse and cart were got out by means of the hydraulic machine.”

Presumably the hydraulic machine was one of the dockside hoists. Unfortunately, there was no photograph of the event but at least the horse survived the ordeal this time!

1866 - The Taff Vale Railway and Docks - An article within the Engineer [015] periodical of 2nd November 1866 provides a detailed account of the recently opened Penarth Dock :

'This company obtained powers from Parliament in 1856 to construct a tidal harbour on the river Ely at Penarth, and make a railway five and a half miles long, from the harbour to a junction with the Taff Vale line, near Llandaff.  Another Act was obtained in 1857 for the construction of the Penarth dock, and a railway two miles in length from the dock to the tidal harbour.


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