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Volume Two - The Era of Optimism, Investment & Development - Some reports

The National Archives [142] have the following record of Annie : The Titanic: Deceased Passengers. [Page 67] - Annie L Meek. Female aged 31. Travelling 3rd Class. Rank, profession or occupation: Housewife. Nationality / Birthplace: Irish. Last place of abode: 89 Windsor Road, Penarth.

Three articles which appeared within periodicals in the US follow : -

1912 - Navigational Law - 'The new Italian law requires all coal for the Italian Navy and Italian railroads to be imported from Wales in Italian ships. It is estimated that 700,000 tons will be required annually. The ships must carry 5000 to 6000 ton exclusive of their own bunker coal, for which they will receive a subvention of $60,000. The freight is fixed at $1.55 per ton for the first five years. The coal shall be imported from Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, (Port) Talbot and Newport, and shall be delivered in 14 different Italian ports. This law to continue in force for a period of ten years. - Marine Rundschau.' - United States Naval Institute Proceedings - March 1912 - [574]

1914 - Records in Loading Coal Barges - 'The Cardiff Journal of Commerce tells of the loading of a steamer at Penarth, a coal port near Cardiff in Wales, which is regarded as being so rapid as to be out of the usual. It says :

"An instance of the rapidity with which it is possible to load vessels at the South Wales ports with coal cargoes has been given this week at Penarth, the German steamer Clare Hugo Stinnes having been laden with 7,500 tons of coal in 28½ hours, or at a rate of approximately 264 tons per hour without taking into account any time that may be stopped for meal hours or unavoidable delay. 

The vessel arrived at Penarth at 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning, and sailed last Thursday night for Messina. Loading operations were commenced at noon on Wednesday, and were completed at 4:30 Thursday afternoon, notwithstanding that one of the tips was placed out of action for a couple of hours. This quick despatch is all the more satisfactory, when it is mentioned that the cargo of 6,500 tons consisted of a mixture of three different sorts of coal, while the balance of 700 tons was bunkers."


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