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Volume Three - The Pontoon Era - Delivery of the pontoon to Penarth . . .

The periodical 'The Shipping World' [703] published the following article about the pontoon or floating dock within its edition of 20th April 1910 : -

The Penarth Floating Dock - Opening Ceremony - 'So rapid has been the increase in size of vessels frequenting Penarth Docks that the dry-dock accommodation, which a few years ago was considered quite adequate, has recently proved unequal to the demands now made upon it. Hence, the provision of a large off-shore or single-walled floating dock as additional accommodation for shipping coming into the port, by the Penarth Pontoon, Slipway, and Ship Repairing Company, Ltd. Accordingly, at the end of last year, Messrs. Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd., of Wallsend-on-Tyne, launched a dock of the off-shore type to the order of the Penarth Company, and this dock has now been formerly opened.

It is 382 ft. in length over all, 75 ft. in extreme width, and is capable of taking vessels of 57 ft. beam, of a draught up to 20 ft., and a displacement of 4,500 tons. Four centrifugal pumps and engines manufactured by Messrs. Gwynnes Ltd., London, can lift vessels of about 7,000 tons d.w. It will be able to accommodate the largest vessels entering Penarth Dock.

The Off-shore or Single Walled Floating Dock of the Penarth Pontoon, Slipway, and Ship Repairing Company, Ltd., leaving the Tyne for the Bristol Channel.

The inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday last, and the Earl of Plymouth was a central figure of the interesting event. A large and influential company assembled, many of whom were brought to the dock side from Cardiff by special train.

Mr. L. Turnbull, on behalf of the directors of the Penarth Pontoon Company welcomed the visitors. Mr. J. J. Bryson, the general manager, in the course of an interesting explanation of the pontoon, said that the pumping capacity was exceptionally strong. They were able to dry-dock an average size in about an hour.


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