Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - Frederick Riden's contribution . . .

site of Taff Wagon works on Ferry Road, Cardiff
The Wagon Works is nearby the Fish Meal Factory and the landing stage at Imperial Wharf on the meanderings of the River Ely. Ferry Road intersects the narrow strip of land between river and sea which leads to a dead end unless you walk through the subway under the Ely estuary to Penarth Dock and pay the tolls due. [010]
Taff Wagon Co lease
The GWR plan of Penarth Dock and Harbour indicating its leases dating from 1928 kindly provided with assistance from the curator of the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives. It shows the Taff Wagon Workshops as lease number 19 which from the schedule indicates that the original lease was dated 10th February 1923 for a period of 14 years from 30th August 1922. In the remarks it states 'and access over road - hatched red' which appears to be the red hatched area near to the bottom right corner of the plan providing access to Ferry Road. There was also a supplementary lease dated 25th July 1934. At the top left of the plan the handwritten note indicates 'Taff Wagon Co. Ltd. CT' p't. Lease dated 14.5.45. Term: 21 years from 30.8.36.' [252]
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