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Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - Activity at the dock during World War II . . .

In February 2016 a gentleman named Bruce Wallace sent me his family history which is included in full at Volume 8 Chapter 13. Within this comprehensive research he included a family photo of the damage a German land mine hit on the north quay of the Penarth Dock which was taken a day after the raid on the 1st July 1941. I have enlarged areas of the original photograph as it provides an interesting illustration of the extent of damage and disruption perpetrated by the Luftwaffe.

2nd July 1941 at Penarth Dock, the day after a landmine was dropped from a plane blowing up the railway lines. A map indicates the approximate location of the damage.
Some enlargements of the main photograph.
More enlargements of the main photograph.

I am unsure if the following incident regarding the loss of the s.s.'Lunan' only three days later is related to the land mine hit illustrated above.


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