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Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - Activity at the dock during World War II . . .

A small coaling vessel, s.s. Lunan (379 tons), had in fact been sunk with the loss of five of her six crew. The single survivor could be heard shouting for help. Volunteer O'Leary and Police Constable 9B Everett of Cardiff City Police at once went in search of a boat.

They found a dilapidated rowing boat and set out with Volunteer O'Leary rowing and Police Constable Everett baling out water. The rowing boat was directed to the wreck by means of flash lights and the survivor, who was in poor condition, covered with coal dust and oil and suffering from shock, was brought to the shore and taken to hospital. Shortly after landing the survivor Volunteer O'Leary collapsed, suffering from shock and lacerated hands, and was taken to hospital.

"Volunteer O'Leary and Police Constable Everett were instrumental in saving the life of the only survivor in difficult and dangerous conditions." L.G. 21.x.1941 Note: Police Constable W. J. Everett received a civilian King's Commendation for Brave Conduct (L.G. 26.ix.1941)."

The National Archive [142] holds records relating to his rescue of the survivor from the S.S. Lunan. William John Everett was aged only 19 and his occupation is given as a constable in the Cardiff Police. The document gave a brief summary for the grounds for him to be recommended for commendation dated 2nd September 1941.

John Goodway Allsop, George Briggs and Robert Lockwood Morgan are buried at Penarth Cemetery and the master of the ship, Wesley Windows, is buried at Bristol (Cranford) Cemetery. It is unclear where Denys Garrett is buried.

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