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Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - Activity at the dock during World War II . . .

It must be remembered that it is wartime, lights are not permitted under enforced blackout rules, hence, the account is plausible given that the 'Eilian' was only of 77 net tons, 140 tons gross and hence, being the lighter boat, would have been first to float on the early morning tide.

Back in the town of Penarth, air raid shelters were erected and barrage balloons were installed in Plassey Square to provide protection to the docks. At the parks and other large buildings, railings were requisitioned by the Ministry of Works and Buildings for the war effort.

The 1928 tenancy map indicates that the subway under the River Ely had been licensed by the GWR to be used as an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) shelter presumably for the employees of the Penarth Pontoon Slipway and Shipbuilding Company at a rent of £5 per annum.

1939 - WWII - Luftwaffe aerial photograph of Penarth Dock, River Ely Tidal Harbour and Grangetown Gas Works listing infrastructure targets.
August 1940 - WWII - A Luftwaffe document and map relating to Penarth.

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