Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - 1950 to the early 1960's . . .

P.S. Glen Usk on the Penarth Dock pontoon - 1959
1959 - The “Glen Usk” on the pontoon in preparation for the 1960 season. She was the old lady of the fleet built by Ailsa Shipbuilding at Troon in Scotland in 1914. She was 524 gross tons and 224 feet (68.2m) long and was broken up in 1963. The pontoon deck appears to have little free-board or is partially submerged, perhaps indicating lifting or lowering in progress. [002] She served in the WWII as a minesweeper, as a supply ship, had anti-aircraft duties as well as being utilised as a hostel for the New Waterway pilots; a truly universal role!
P.S. Glen Gower to the breakers yard - 1960
The sister ship "Glen Gower" distinguished by her twin funnels, was laid up at the other end of the dock at the end of the 1957 season until her sale to Belgian shipbreakers. The image shows the old lady of the White Funnel Fleet about to leave Penarth for Antwerp under the tow of the tug 'Tradesman' of Hull in early April 1960. I remember seeing her only a few days or weeks before this photo was taken in a sadly dilapidated state. If only . . . !! This image is from another of Chris Collard's fine books about the Bristol Channel and South Coast pleasure steamers 'A White Funnel Album'. [303]
P.S. Glen Gower to the breakers yard - 1960
P.S. 'Glen Gower' leaves Penarth Dock and enters the Basin under tow of the tug 'Tradesman' en route to the breakers yard at Antwerp durng the early part of April 1960. This photograph is featured within the book 'Tiger Bay and the Docks' by Dan O'Neil. [619] [20171227]
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