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There was at least two organisations which represented the interests of the sailmakers of the Port of Cardiff :

The Cardiff Society of Sailmakers was established during 1855. It survived the shipping industry’s transition from sail to steam, and was finally disbanded in 1938 ‘owing to lack of members’. The Society was based from 1904 at the Adelphi Hotel, Bute Street, Cardiff and prior to this met monthly at the Bute Street Coffee Tavern. A rule enforced was that foul or insulting language carried the penalty of a sixpenny fine (2.5p) or expulsion from the meeting if the offender persisted. It was affiliated to the Federation of Sailmakers of Great Britain and Ireland from 1899 to 1903 and again from 1914 until the Federation closed in 1923. Records of the Society are held at Glamorgan Archives. (Archive Reference : CL-S - Cardiff Library Collection: Cardiff Society of Sailmakers Records - 1893-1938 )

Cardiff Sailmakers Association - A society formed in 1890 which had 40 members in 1892 which had fallen to 30 in 1899. The secretary of the society was J. W. James of 15 North Church Street, Cardiff. It apparently also became a branch of the Federation of Sailmakers of Great Britain and Ireland. [754] 

A 'Report on Strikes and Lockouts of 1892' published by the Board of Trade in 1894 reported that the Cardiff Branch of the Sailmakers' Federation had 40 members affected by strikes and lockouts and had paid their members a total sum of £2 - 0 - 0d, which amounted to 1/- (5p) per member.

1979 - Jenkin Jones and Son Sailmakers premises at 12 Hurman Street, Cardiff Docks.


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