Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

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James Poole - (1820-1872)

Death of Mr. James Poole.
1873 - The periodical 'Engineering' published the notice (left) regarding the death of Mr. James Poole in its edition dated 3rd January 1873 (v15) [717] [716]
Death of Mr. James Poole.

1872 - Report upon the death of Mr. James Poole as published within the South Wales Daily News on the 27th December 1872. [325] [361]

Mr Poole died on the 24th December 1872.


◊ Lt. later Captain - R.N.R. - Dockmaster - Penarth Dock - (1865 - Harbour & Dockmaster, Lieut., R.N.R. (1865 - [621] ) + (1868 [160] ) + (1871 [160] )

◊ January 1840 - elected as a Director of the TVR.
◊ February 1859 - elected as Deputy chairman of TVR.
◊ September 1860 - elected as Chairman of the TVR.

◊ also a Director of the Penarth Harbour, Dock and Railway Company.

◊ 1882 : Taff Vale Railway Company - A newspaper notice published within the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian, Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon Gazette on the 26th July 1862 [156] [361] of a Special General Meeting to be held in Bristol on the 12th August 1862 to approve Heads of Agreement regarding a Lease between the TVR and the Penarth Harbour Dock and Railway Company. During this meeting, the Penarth Company agreed Heads of Agreement with the TVR and on the same day, at a Special General Meeting of the TVR it was also approved by the Directors. The next day, the two companies confirmed agreement which was bound by an Act of Parliament : ' The Penarth Harbour, Dock, and Railway Leasing Act, 1863 ' which held that ' The Penarth Harbour, Dock and Railway Company granted a lease to the Taff Vale Railway Company for a period of 999 years from 1st January 1864. ' - James Poole chairman of the Taff Vale Railway Company.

The opening of the docks on Saturday 10th June 1865 was reported in the Engineer [015] [016] on the 16th June:

“The opening of Penarth Dock, Cardiff took place on Saturday morning last. The formal ceremony was performed by Mr. James Poole, chairman of the Taff Vale Railway Company, in consequence of a delay i.e. the arrival of the Baroness Windsor, Lady Windsor Clive, and the Hon. Herbert Windsor Olive."

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