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Albert Daniel Tooze - [1876 - 1938]  

Albert_Daniel_Tooze Lieut. Albert Daniel Tooze - In late April 2018, a gentleman named Stephen K. Tooze, the Great Grandson of Albert above, contacted the Penarth Dock website with the newspaper article shown on the right which was published within the Penarth Times [101] on the 25th January 1923. Albert was in charge of the Penarth Coastguard Station in the years 1919 until 1921. The article chronicles his life within the Royal Navy and subsequently the Coastguard Service. The cause clearly ran deeply within the family since his father, William, served the Coastguard Service before him at Nell's Point, Barry.

A section of the OS map of 1920 indicating the second group of Coastguard cottages high above the Esplanade amongst the Penarth millionaires!

The Coastguard was an arm of the Royal Navy during the 19th century. The first Coastguard Cottages, established before 1841, looked out over the Severn Sea and the entrance to Cardiff Docks at Harbour View situated at the end of Northcliffe Drive.

Around the time of the construction of Penarth Dock the new Coastguard Cottages of 1864, were built at Tower Hill which lies between Plymouth Road and Marine Parade. A section of the OS map of 1920 indicates the location of the second group of Coastguard cottages, high above the Esplanade, and closeby the Penarth millionaires mansions! [010]

Many thanks to Mr. Stephen Tooze for this information about his Great Grandfather.

Mr. Albert D. Tooze is listed as living at Station Road, Dinas Powys, in the parish of St Andrews. (1922 - Electoral list).
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