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I thought it would be useful to have an explanation of the terms used generally throughout this website as a reference to the work, etc. that was commonly undertaken at the dock and harbour and to provide clarification of other terms which are uncommon in our vocabulary today. They are set out in no particular order.

Tippers - Men hired to tip coal into the hold of a vessel by means of hydraulic lifts on the quays called "tips." [229]

Trimmers - Men employed on board ships to distribute coal evenly in the holds and bunkers to ensure stability of the ship at sea. [229]

Hobblers - In South Wales coal trimmers who were not members of gangs were known as hobblers; but the term applies to dock pilots who were unlicensed. [229]

Timber Porters - Men employed to receive deals, boards, etc. from the ship and sort and deliver to wagons or piles. [229]

Deal Runners - Men hired to receive deals from timber porters and stack them in piles. [229]

Riggers - Men engaged in fitting ships with wire, rope, tackle, and all necessary gear and in attending generally to repairs while the ship was in dock without a crew. [229]

Lightermen - Men employed to transport goods in large open boats (lighters) between ships and wharfs. [229]

Boatmen - In the Bristol Channel boatmen were employed to transport cargoes between the various ports; they also moved ships from one wharf to another while the ships were in dock. [229] They were also called upon to reposition the ships' hold under the shute of the fixed coal tips at Penarth.

Ad Valorem - According to the value [234]

Bill of Health - A Certificate given by the Consul or Customs Officer. [234]

Bill of Lading - A Master's acknowledgment as to receipt and delivery of goods. [234]

Charter Party - A Contract with the Owner, Agent, or Captain, for the use of a vessel. [234]


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