Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

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Luen & Hart, Marine Store Dealers, Penarth Dock.
William Luen, Marine Store Dealers, Penarth.
Luen & Son, Marine Store Dealers, Docks, Penarth.

◊ 1887 : Luen & Hart, marine store dealers, Docks, Penarth : also : Luen, William, ship store mer., 12 Dock rd, Penarth : Daniel Owen & Co's. (Wright's) Cardiff Directory : [298] [623] :June, 1888.

◊ 1888 : 'Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership which has for some time past been carried on by us the undersigned, William Luen and George Hart, at Penarth Dock, in the county of Glamorgan, in the trade or business of Marine Store Dealers, under the firm of Luen and Hart, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will in future be carried on by the said William Luen alone, at Penarth Dock aforesaid.  As witness our hands this 28th day of May, 1888. Willm. Luen., G. W. Hart.' : The London Gazette (Issue: 25822 Page: 3082) : [100] : 1st June 1888.

◊ 1891 : under section : Marine Store Dealers : Luen & Son, Docks, Penarth : Daniel Owen & Co's. (Wright's) Cardiff Directory : [298] [623] : June 1891.

◊ 1891 : Fire at Penarth Dock . 'A fire of rather an alarming character occurred at Penarth Dock on Tuesday afternoon last. The locale of the outbreak was the land by the side of the locks and near the entrance to the dock. At this place are situate several wooden sheds, re- pairing shops, and other buildings of similar construction. Three of these buildings were respectively rented by Messrs Luen & Sons, marine store dealers; Messrs Davies & Company, ship chandlers and the Penarth Dock Company. About three o'clock in the afternoon a boy employed by Messrs Davies was engaged at some work in the shed, and while so occupied he let a lighted candle fall among a quantity of oil, paints, and paraffin, and these, of course, instantly ignited, and as the shed was filled with similar inflammable material the entire structure was quickly ablaze. The dock police and several labourers and dockyard men at work near attempted to extinguish the fire by throwing on water from hand-buckets, but it defied their efforts. Lengths of hose were then attached to the tugboat Primrose lying in the lock, and a good stream of water was directed on the burning building. A strong easterly wind was, however, blowing, and the flames were fanned into a greater glow, until in a short time the empty shed belonging to the dock company caught fire. From there the fire spread to Messrs Luen's sheds, and the contents, consisting as they did of old rope, mats, &c., gave additional stimulus to the fire, and, though every effort was made to put it out, nothing could be done, and the shed, together with the adjoining two, was soon burnt to the ground. Within an hour and a half of the commencement of the fire no trace was left of the buildings and their contents with the exception of some old rope and dunnage and a few casks and tins of paint and oil which had been brought out of the sheds before the fire became so fierce as to prevent further attempts to save property. Another shed belonging to Mr T. B. Clode, butcher and occupier of the Merry Harrier Hotel, Llandough, also caught fire, and was considerably damaged. The greater part of the property was insured, but the loss is not yet ascertainable.' - Barry Dock News : [140] [361] 28th October 1892.

◊ 1893 : Charge of Stealing Rope - Cardiff Men Committed for Trial : 'At Cardiff Police-court on Tuesday (before Mr. T. W. Lewis, stipendiary) George Marchant, Edwin Rees, and Thomas Rees were charged with stealing quantity of  rope, value £20, from Windsor Slipway, between October 28 and November 4, the property of Robert Bird and others. The prisoners were further charged with receiving. Mr. lngledew prosecuted, and Mr. Frank Williams defended Edwin Rees. - Detective Gretton said he arrested the prisoner Edwin Rees, and found a quantity of rope (produced. and identified by another witness) on board Rees's pilot boat. - Police-constable Beetle arrested Marchant, and in reply to the charge he said, "All right, but you haven't found the rope" Witness arrested Thomas Rees at Bristol, and on being charged Rees said. "I was going to give myself up." On the way from Bristol to Cardiff Rees said, "About two o'clock on Wednesday morning I and Marchant took the rope from the Windsor Slipway, and put it aboard the boat. We then cut it up and tied it up in bundles. The next morning we took three or four bundles and sold it to Luen, the junk buyer at Penarth Dock, for 16s. We parted the money and boozed the lot the same day." Witness a. found a quantity of rope under the old swing- bridge at the Docks. - William Luen, a marine store dealer at Penarth Dock, identified Thos. Rees as the man giving the name of Williams who came to him and sold him some rope. - Mr. Williams submitted that there was no evidence against Edwin Rees. - Prisoners were committed for trial at the quarter sessions. - Edwin Rees was allowed bail, himself in £20 and one surety of £20.' - The Western Mail : [164] [361] : 15th November 1893.

◊ 1897 : Last Night's " Gazette " : Partnerships Dissolved : W. Luen and S. P. Luen, trading as Luen & Sons, at Penarth Dock and Barry Dock, Glamorganshire, marine store dealers.' - South Wales Echo : [163] [361] : 17th July 1897.

◊ 1899 : under section : Marine Store Dealers : Luen, William, Docks, Penarth : Cardiff & District Trades Directory, [704]  [623] : 1899.

◊ 1902 : 'Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership hereto-before subsisting between us the undersigned, William Luen, of 12, Paget-place, Penarth, in the county of Glamorgan, aforesaid, carrying on business as Marine Store Dealers, at Penarth Dock, in the county of Glamorgan, under the style or firm of "LUEN AND COMPANY, " was, on the 3rd day of September, 1902, dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due and owing by the late firm will be received and paid by William Luen, by whom the business will in future be carried on. - Dated this 11th day of September, 1902. : William Luen : Walter Buckland.' : The London Gazette (Issue: 27474 Page: 5987) : [100] : 16th September, 1902.


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