Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

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Bird & Son, Glamorgan Works, East Moors, Cardiff ; also at Penarth Harbour :

Bird & Son, Tar and Resin Distillers, Oil and Petroleum Importers, Grease Merchants, &c.,

A large and important industry is carried on at Cardiff by Messrs. Bird & Son, a firm who have been engaged for the past twenty-five years in the distillation of tar and resin, the refining and manufacturing of oils and greases, and the importation of oil and petroleum. The Glamorgan Works, where the operations of this well-known house are carried, on, cover several acres of ground, and form an establishment admirably adapted in all respects to the requirements of the industry, the several departments being equipped with the best modern appliances and machinery.

Employment is given here to a large staff of experienced men, and the various processes are conducted upon the most advanced principles and under thoroughly capable supervision. Messrs. Bird & Son’s goods are held in high estimation in the trade, owing to their superior quality and uniform excellence, which is undoubtedly due to the very careful manner in which they are prepared, and is the outcome of long practical experience. A good reputation having thus been so long enjoyed, the firm take every precaution to ensure its maintenance. Large and valuable stocks are held in the warehouses adjoining the works, comprising oils and greases of all kinds, together with general stores of the class required by collieries and ship-owners.

They also have extensive stores on the Ely River, Penarth Harbour, known as the Imperial Wharf, where large quantities of petroleum, benzoline, and other oils of a more or less inflammable nature are stored. Both the works and the stores are in direct railway communication with all parts of the country, and the firm are thus in a position to execute all orders without delay.

Messrs. Bird & Son rank among the largest importers of seal oil and petroleum in the Kingdom, and they were the first to bring these important commodities direct into South Wales through the port of Cardiff. For these and other oils they have immense storage accommodation, and always hold exceedingly large stocks, and every facility exists for the satisfactory conduct of the trade. The firm enjoy the confidence of a widespread and influential connection, and are respected by all their customers for the straightforward methods that characterise all their commercial dealings.

The principal and founder of the house, Mr. Robert Bird, is a gentleman much esteemed in the district, and takes an active part in public life. He was Mayor of Cardiff in 1883-84, and is at the present time a Justice of the Peace for the borough. The - Ports of the Bristol Channel -  [316] - 1893

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