Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Eight - Pre-Victorian to the present day - more aspects - Pamir and Passat - the end of an era . . .

Passat and Pamir in a mirror flat Penarth Dock

A rather grainy photograph of 'Pamir' or is it 'Passat' kindly contributed for use on the website by Philippe. [286]
'Passat' on its approach to Penarth Dock
'Passat' on its approach to Penarth Dock

My image, with colourised version, of the clearly identifiable 'Passat' on its approach to Penarth Dock according to the title of the P & A Campbell Limited photograph. [001]

When Philippe saw this image he and I were of the same opinion that the upper image which he had previously identified as 'Pamir' off Barry may well be 'Passat' off Penarth due to the similarity in the images. In hindsight there is still a possibility that he is correct. I found reports that both ships were described as under tow by two tugs to Penarth.

The ships were still laden with cargoes; Passat had 55,000 sacks of grain and Pamir had 4,233 tons of barley on-board. How many rats were imported or did they all come from Penarth - maybe it could be a joint research project using DNA identification by the University of Wales and a friendly Australian University!

The Passat departed Queenstown, Ireland for Penarth on 25th September 1949. She anchored at Barry Roads on the 2nd October and was the towed to Penarth by two tugs.

The Pamir departed Falmouth on the 5th October under tow of the 'Englishman' of the United Towing Company. At Penarth Roads two tugs took over the and took her the short distance into Penarth Dock on the 6th October 1949.

So, is the upper image that of the Pamir or Passat and at what location? The clue is maybe the buoy ahead of the ship. Messages in a bottle please addressed to Ratty at Penarth Dock! Alternatively, use email.

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