Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Eight - Pre-Victorian to the present day - more aspects - The White Funnel Fleet - P & A Campbell Limited

The paddle steamer 'Lady Moyra' was built in 1905 as the 'Gwalia' for the Barry Railway Co. She was sold to the Furness Railway Co. who renamed her 'Lady Moyra' in May 1910. She was later renamed to 'Brighton Queen' and was mined on war service in June 1940. 'Gwalia' was built at the yard of John Brown & Co. on Clydebank and was 519 tons gross register, 198 net tons. She was 245' - 0" long x 29' - 0" breath x 9' - 7 " depth. [154]
'Lady Moyra'
The visit of the warship 'Lion' anchored in Swansea Bay initiated a great deal of interest as this September 1919 view indicates. The passengers were picked up from Mumbles and it may be seen that she is well loaded. This photo was taken prior to Campbell's purchase in 1922 when she was part of the Yellow Funnel Fleet of William H. Tucker. The photo is borrowed from 'White Funnel Magic' by Nigel Coombes whom acknowledges that it is from the George Owen Collection. [348] [351]
'Lady Moyra'
The 'Lady Moyra' leaving for an evening cruise from Swansea where she was frequently based. [353] [355]
'Lady Moyra'
From the same book, a photo of her in Campbell's colours and named 'Lady Moyra' whilst under repair at the Stotbert's dry dock, Bristol, during June 1923. [348] [352]
Barry p.s. 'Gwalia'

Barry P/S "Gwalia" - A great postcard view as she reverses out of the Barry Harbour flying the colours of the Barry Railway Company. This card is franked March 1909 and addressed to Miss M. Macdonald at Patricroft, Manchester. Another from the Penarth Dock Collection. [001]

P.S. 'Gwalia'
P.S. 'Gwalia' - one of four vessels operated by the Barry Railway Company during the period 1905 - 1910 and prior to her sale to P & A Campbell in 1922 where upon she was renamed 'Lady Moyra'. A photograph borrowed from the excellent booklet 'The Barry Story' by Martin Beckett. [123] [594] [20170810]
P.S. 'Gwalia'
P.S. 'Gwalia' at Cardiff Docks in her Barry Railway Co. livery probably in 1905. A Pamlin Prints postcard from the Penarth Dock Collection. [001] [549] [20170829]
P.S. ' Gwalia ' Barry Docks
P.S. ' Gwalia ' Barry Docks - A postcard from the Penarth Dock Collection [001] posted at Barry in August 1907 to Miss April Davies of Angus Street, Roath Park, Cardiff. The 'Gwalia' in her Barry Railway Company livery is just entering Jackson's Bay and the landing pontoon. Distant is Swanbridge and Sully Island where many unsuspecting souls have lost their lives crossing to and from the island, especially when the tide is in flood. I used to go fishing with may mates on those rocks behind the foremast of 'Gwalia' and we once caught a conger eel about 6 feet long (2m). My friend Phil, who lived at the Bendricks, got out his knife and slit it from end to end in order to retrieve his tackle. I don't think I ever went fishing again after that! [001] [20170914]
P.S. 'Gwalia'
Above and below - I show two postcards from the Penarth Dock Collection in order to illustrate one of the problems associated with the positive identification of vessels! The postcard images above and below are identical (except for colour differences) and except for the vessels's name in the top left-hand corner. So I am not sure which is correct - either could be p.s. 'Devonia' or p.s. 'Gwalia'. Could this be an Edwardian joke or just some good old fashioned deception? [001] [20180220]
s.s. 'Devonia'
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