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Coronation Bonfire Penarth

Coronation Bonfire, Penarth - Another G. Wehrley & Co. photo of the beacon bonfire on Penarth Head to mark the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. This image was kindly provided by an admirer of the Penarth Dock website who would prefer to remain anon. Many thanks anyway. [000] [002]

image - G. Wehrley & Co., 97 Glebe Street, Penarth, S. Wales. [395]

A photograph taken from 'The book of the Coronation Bonfires'
The Coronation Bonfires in Glamorganshire - 1911.

A photograph taken from 'The book of the Coronation Bonfires' [724] [716] published during 1911 and compiled by the Rev. Canon Rawnsley, M.A., whom was the Hon.Secretary of the National Bonfire Committee. The photograph has all the hallmarks of Mr. George Wehrley but is not credited to him. [20190730]

The bonfire at Penarth Head on the 22nd June 1911 was one of seven reported within Glamorganshire. Its height was 230 feet, being 35 feet in diameter at its base and was under the supervision of Mr. Stanley Smith of 71 Plassey Street, Penarth.

The text of the book explains that bonfires were used as signals of rejoicing when the news of victory at Agincourt reached England, bonfires and dances were ordained in very town, city, and borough, and many times since Richard the Plantagenet gave orders,

Ring bells aloud, burn bonfires clear and bright
To entertain great England's lawful king.

our hill tops and village greens " have spread glad tidings with their tongues of flame. "

A Caution - The Committee wish to caution the public against standing too near to leeward of the bonfire mass at time of lighting if it has been saturated with paraffin ; the flame has been known to fly out as much as 150 feet, and the Committee are very anxious that no accident should mar Coronation night.

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