Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Eight - Pre-Victorian to the present day - more aspects - George Wehrley - Photographer . . .

s.s. Orozco.

s.s. Orozco.
G. Wehrley & Co., 97, Glebe Street, Penarth, S. Wales.

s.s. Orozco - The vessel was built as the s.s. 'Baron Douglas' at the Castle Yard of Blackwood & Gordon of Port Glasgow and was launched in September 1888. She was of 2,560 gross and 1,606 net register tons being 302.3 feet in length x 40.2 feet breath and of 23.5 feet in depth. She was a single screw, general cargo vessel built for Macbeth & Gray of Glasgow but she was not completed, the contract cancelled and the Trustees paid damages in 1887.

The builder, Blackwood & Gordon, who commenced building wooden ships in 1852, had become insolvent and went into receivership in April 1887 whilst the vessel was still at the framework construction stage at the Castle Yard. Later Murdoch & Murray completed the vessel for the Trustees.

From 1898 she was owned by the Hogarth Shipping Company Limited of Ardrossan 'The Baron Line' or otherwise, due to the company reputation of failing to ensure that the crew were well fed and watered, 'The Hungry Hogarths'!

Her  name changed to s.s. 'Orozco' during 1899 upon change of ownership to the Compañía Cantábrica de Navegación of Bilbao in northern Spain. She foundered off Rochelle in February 1915 whilst en-route to Middlesbrough with a cargo of iron-ore from Bilbao. I wonder if her cargo to Penarth was also iron-ore from Bilbao destined for the East Moors works, Cardiff? [425]

Another fine George Wehrley heritage postcard held within the Penarth Dock Collection. [001] [20240124]

Longitudinal Section & Deck Plans for Baron Douglas, 11th January 1887.
Ship Forgings form for Baron Douglas, 28th April 1888.

above : Longitudinal Section & Deck Plans for Baron Douglas, 11th January 1887. [Unique reference code : LRF-PUN-GRK310-0014-P] [760] A section of the stern and poop deck of the vessel showing the rudder and mounting forging - see below.


left : Ship Forgings form for Baron Douglas, 28th April 1888 [Unique reference code LRF-PUN-GRK310-0018-F] [760]  The forging built by The Lancefield Forge Company of Glasgow complete with 'Glut welds' and 'Scarph welds' which was inspected and found to be, so far as can be seen, sound and efficient.


A letter dated November 1856 from William L.E. McLean of the Lancefield Forge Company to Isambard Kingdom Brunel explains that the company do not feel that they would be able to complete the contract for the rudder frame and friction strap for the Great Eastern in the time frame that Brunel requires without considerable modification either of the plans or the timeframe, especially since they wish to concentrate the firm's attention on the existing projects they are undertaking for the Eastern Steam Navigation Company. The letter is held at the University of Bristol Archives.

Plan of Boiler for Baron Douglas, 1887.
Plan of Boiler for Baron Douglas, 1887. [Unique reference code : LRF-PUN-GRK310-0020-P] [760] Boiler No. 296 ; Lloyd's Regulations for 160 lbs working pressure ; applies to all plates of steel - tube stays and girders of iron. A front sectional view and an end elevation indicate the intricate design of the dual 3 feet outside diameter furnaces. Note also the 'Manhole' at the top left of the boiler face!

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