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Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Custom House and Dock Offices . . .

The prisoners said they had bought it in Malta, and gave 1s. 4d., per pound for it, and intended selling it in this country. This concluded the case, and the defendants were fined £100 each and costs ; in default the men were removed to Cardiff gaol.' Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Monmouthshire and Brecon Gazette - [156] [361] - 29th April 1871.

• October 1871 - Penarth - Smuggling - 'Peter Johnsen, a seaman, was charged before Mr. J. S. Batchelor at Mr. Morris's office, Cardiff, on Monday, with smuggling four bottles of brandy on board the steam-ship 'Artisan', trading between France and Penarth Dock, and was fined £1 4s. 5d., including costs.' - Western Mail [036] [361] 25th October 1871.

• December 1871 - Cardiff - Smuggling Tobacco - 'At a special sessions of the Penarth magistrates, on Saturday, A. G. Goodman, the second mate, and G. M. Anderson, the steward of the 'Japan', a large vessel lying in the Penarth-dock, were each fined £100 and costs for smuggling 22 lbs. of tobacco.' - Monmouthshire Merlin - [167] [361] 8th December 1871.

I found that £100 in 1871 is equivalent to £11,440.33 in 2018 spending power according to an online inflation calculation tool. Also, I have been unable to locate a follow-up newspaper report to establish if Mr. Goodwin and/or Mr. Anderson ever paid the £100 fine. I think, perhaps they preferred to spend their time urgently seeking out a ship's captain who would turn a blind eye to their unfortunate circumstance and sign them on. Alternatively, perhaps they made their method of departure the well tried and tested Cardiff pier-head jump!


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