Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Missions to Seamen at Penarth . . .

Penarth Dock Missions to Seamen relocation.
Penarth Dock Missions to Seamen relocation.

1941 - Prior to WWII the Penarth Dock Missions to Seamen had relocated to a building situated at the entrance road to the Penarth Dock, just below Cogan Hill, on Windsor Road. In the second image the building indicated as 'Ruin' on the north side of the 'Lock' is the former Missions to Seamen Institute.

This evidence is taken from a plan of Penarth Dock produced by the G.W.R. to indicate 'Increased Accommodation for Government Requirements - WWII'. The date stamp is a little indistinct within my photograph of the plan taken at the archives in Nantgarw, but I believe the issue date of the plan to be 18th December 1941

National Museum of Wales - [Museum Item Number : 88.81I/6 - Plan of Penarth Dock, 'Increased accommodation for Government requirements'. Scale 1" : 66'0".] [629] [20190807]


1915 - The lower OS map dates from 1915 (published 1920) and has no indication that the Mission building has yet been built but shows its future location and proximity to Cogan and Penarth Dock Railway Stations and the road at Cogan Hill. [010]

c. mid-1950's onwards but prior to March 1962 - The image above [092] dates from the post war period and shows that the Missions to Seamen Institute building adjacent to the lock between the Basin and main Dock has been demolished (sometime after 1951) but that the relocated Mission (see bottom of photo) is in place opposite the entrance to Penarth Dock Station. [20190809]

1969 - An aerial view taken on the 1st April 1969 with the Missions to Seamen's building.

April 1969 - The Missions to Seamen building is seen opposite the remains of Penarth Dock Station on Cogan Hill with Cogan Station in the foreground. The extent of Price Bros. yard with a new extension under construction may be seen beyond with the works of the Penarth Dock Engineering Company Limited at the head of the dock.

The photograph is the work of local photographer Terrence Soames (Cardiff) Limited, is entitled 'Aerial view of Price Bros. works, Penarth' and is held at Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum of Wales. [629] [Museum item number : 2019.1/101] [20190831]

1986 - An aerial view taken on the 19th October 1986 with the Missions to Seamen's building.

1986 - An aerial view taken on the 19th October 1986 with the relocated Missions to Seamen's building still in place located just above the car park at Cogan Station and between Cogan Hill with the remains of the Penarth Dock Station on the opposite side of the road. The image is courtesy of Penarth Framing Services [113] with many thanks for allowing its use on this website. Please respect their copyright. [20190809]

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