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Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Board of Trade, Mercantile Marine Offices at Penarth Dock . . .

• 1887 - A list of officers of the Mercantile Marine Offices, Bute Docks, Cardiff ; the Chief Superintendent being responsible for operations at Penarth Dock.

• June 1893 - A Cardiff Ship's Officer Convicted at Penarth - At Penarth Police-court last Monday 9before Major Thornley and Mr J. Pike Thompson) J. H. Williams, ship's officer, living at 156, Bute-road, Cardiff, was fined 5s. for being drunk and making use of riotous conduct at the Board of Trade offices, Penarth Dock. - Defendant said he had been on the bridge 24 hours, and a little drink upset him.' - Barry Dock News [140] [361] 30th June 1893.

• January 1894 - Mercantile Marine Work - Summary of Engagements, Desertions, and Prosecutions - A return prepared by the chief-superintendent of the Board of Trade at Cardiff (Mr W. Turner), gives some interesting particulars in reference to the engagement, desertion, and prosecution of seamen in the port of Cardiff during 1893. The statistics would be still more instructive if compared with those of 1892.

It appears that the number of seamen engaged in the port (which includes the Bute, Penarth, and Barry Docks) last year was 57,453, and of these 1,747, or 3.04 per cent. failed to join their ships. In no case were the non-joiners prosecuted, and so far as 896 were concerned they were not traced. The ships detained owing to men neglecting to join numbered twenty - nineteen steam and one sail - equal to 0.49 per cent., and the hours which they lost were 69¼, or 3hrs. 27¾ mins. per ship. The number of men who deserted on home voyages was 479, or 1.67 per cent. of the total engaged.

During the year 37 men were convicted of various offences, £69 16s. 2d. was paid in fines, and £23 3s. 6d. in costs. The time spent in gaol by offenders was 93 weeks and four days. The sum of £35,169 17s. 5d. was sent to other ports, and money orders for £38,197 4s. 8d. were paid in Cardiff. The number of depositors in the Seamen's Savings Bank during the year was 1,400, and the amount of deposits £14,571 13s.' - Evening Express [135] [361] 17th January 1894.


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