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Volume Ten - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Patent for the Penarth Slipway - 1881 . . .

The research on the subject of the Patent for the Penarth Slipway was greatly assisted by the Information & Research Librarian at the Leeds Central Library here in Yorkshire. Many thanks to them for their kind assistance in obtaining a copy of the original Patent from the British Library. [000]

PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION left by the said John Thompson and George Cooper at the Office of the Commissioners of Patents on the 25th November 1881.

JOHN THOMPSON, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the County of same name, Engineer, and GEORGE COOPER, of Penarth, in the County of Glamorganshire, South Wales, Naval Architect. " IMPROVEMENTS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF SLIPWAYS. "


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