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Volume Ten - Pre-Victorian to the Present Day - Even more aspects - Penarth Dock and Llandough Fields Reclamation Report : 1989 . . .

The following report undertaken by Brian Colquhoun and Partners of 63 Penarth Road, Cardiff on behalf of the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was published in February 1989. [772]


           Penarth Dock and Llandough Fields Reclamation Report : 1989.


                   A Brief History of Penarth Dock and Llandough Fields.


Introduction :


At their first Progress Meeting with the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, on 17 January 1989, it was agreed that Brian Colquhoun and Partners should prepare a brief history of their study area comprising Penarth Docks and Llandough Fields. The intention of this historical report is to highlight major events in the development of the area and to provide Appendices of information that could be of relevance as forthcoming reclamation works are assessed, designed and constructed.

The Appendices are as follows:-

                        Appendix A        Land Use Changes
                        Appendix B        Records
                        Appendix C        Photographs


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