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Volume Twelve - Pre-Victorian to the Present Day - further aspects - Random Rants, Notes and Articles No.2 . . .


Oak born on these heights, scene of carnage where blood flowed in streams ; -

Woe to the quarrels of words over wine!

Oak nourished in the middle of these fields covered with the blood of so many dead ; -

Woe to the man who has become an object of hatred!

Oak raised on these carpets of green watered with the blood of those whose hearts had been torn by the sword ; -

Woe to him who delights in discord!

Oak emerging from the midst of trefoil and plants which, by surrounding you, have slowed down the elevation of the crown and the development of your trunk ; -

Woe to the man who is in the power of his enemies!

Oak placed in the middle of the woods which cover the promontory, from where you see the waves of the Severn struggling against the sea : -

Woe to him who sees what is not death!

Oak that has lived amid storms and tempests, amidst the tumult of war and the ravages of death : -

Woe to the man who is not old enough to die!



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