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Chains at Penarth Dock - Macey, Mules and Wallace Family History

'For over 100 years, my family lived out their lives in a small area of Penarth. My mother's family (Macey and Mules) lived a couple of hundred yards north of the St Augustine’s Church (the Top Church), in Queens Road and Maughan Terrace. My father’s family (Wallace) lived a couple of hundred yards south of the Church, in Salop Street. Many family members worked in the docks. Summers were spent on the Dock Beach. None of the families rose to great riches or fame. Most were hard working people that got on with their lives and enjoyed life on the way.

The following are extracts from my family memoirs. A friend once told me that a work such as this should be seen as a beginning, rather than an end. My research therefore continues. Should anyone wish to make additional contributions, provide corrections, or point out errors, please do not hesitate to contact me. - Bruce Paul Wallace - January 2016.'

Such is the introduction to Bruce's extensive family history research tinged with personal recollections of his forebears and his recollections of the Penarth Dock and of living close-by and amongst the working families who contributed so much. Well done Bruce and many thanks for your permission to include the story on the Penarth Dock website.

The story commences at Volume 8 Chapter 13 - 'Chains at Penarth Dock'


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