Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
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Grace's Guide - The leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain.

Britain From Above - Britain from Above presents the unique Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919-1953.

Trinity House - serving the mariner for 500 years.

Pamir website - an extensive history of the barque Pamir under different flags hosted by Philippe Bellamit.

The Brotherhood of Cape Horners - Chilean Section - covers the Cape Horn and the ships and men that braved the passage around the tip of South America.

Cardiff Waterways Map Project - Art Shell is currently undertaking research into Cardiff’s changing water-scape, mapping recordings, remnants, residents memories and architects dreams of Cardiff’s waterways past, present and future.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall - including the Bartlett Library Collection - Sea, Boats and Cornwall. A wonderful resource for research into our maritime heritage with its museum in Falmouth.

Ålands sjöfartsmuseum - Åland Maritime Museum and s/v 'Pommern' - Unique pictures and lots of information about the maritime history of Åland and the exhibitions in the Maritime Museum.

Welsh Newspapers Online - The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion online archive of newspapers is a great resource for historical research covering the 19th early 20th century.

Friends of LV72 JUNO - Trinity House lightvessel no. 72 is currently laying derelict on the River Neath in South Wales. Now over 112 years old she urgently needs saving.


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150 years of Penarth Dock History and Heritage

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