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Volume One - Into the Victorian Age - The dock extension of 1883 . . .

◊ July 1883 - New Dock Works at Penarth - By the end of this year, Penarth Dock, which has become a very popular resort of vessels of the “collier” class, will have been largely extended. The new dock works, which will provide an additional water area of between 5 and 6 acres, are now in progress, and will probably be completed within five months. From an engineering point of view the undertaking is especially interesting, the work having been performed under great difficulties. The dock is being cut out of a rocky hill, and the contractor, Mr. T. A. Walker, has brought to bear all the most modern and ingenious machinery that is applicable to the circumstances. In order to complete the excavations at as early a date as possible, about 100 men are employed by day and 100 by night, together with a number of horses, steam-engines, steam “navvies,” trucks, pumps, and other appliances. The material which is excavated is removed to Grangetown, and utilised for filling up the low lands in that neighbourhood. The dock extension is to be provided with four coal tips. The engineers are Sir John Hawkshaw and Mr. G. Fisher, the resident engineer, Mr. H. Fisher, and the manager for the contractor is Mr. Parker. The cost will be about £150,000, and the work, we may add, is being constructed for the Penarth Dock Company, and is leased in perpetuity by them to the Taff Vale Railway Company, on a guaranteed dividend of 5 per cent. - The Shipping World [940] July 1883.

◊ December 1883 - The Dock Works at Penarth - The Penarth dock extension is approaching completion. On the 16th November, the ceremony of letting in water by means of a six-inch syphon pipe, which was passed over the old dock to the extension works, was performed by Mrs. H. O. Fisher, wife of the resident engineer. The drawing of a lever was the signal for the firing of guns, and other characteristic acknowledgments. The extension, as we pointed out some time since, occupies a site of about 5½ acres, and the work has been carried out by Mr. T. A. Walker, contractor. - The Shipping World [940] December 1883.

The silver plated steel lever handle used by Mrs. T. Oaken Fisher to let the first water into the Penarth Dock Extension on 16th November 1883.

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