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Volume Four - An Era of Change, Uncertainty, Depression & War - The Penarth Dock Engineering Company Limited . . .

There was a discussion in Parliament about the subsidies paid to Penrad. Mr Kenneth Clarke M.P. (Shadow Spokesperson for Trade and Industry) stated : -

'The Minister may laugh, but the answer is in his own Department. He should look at the Welsh Office, which was for a considerable time trying to subsidise Penrad, making radiators in Cardiff and competing with Kirkby. (The Kirby Manufacturing and Engineering Company) Penrad was subsidised by the Secretary of State for Wales and Kirkby was subsidised by the Secretary of State for Industry at one and the same time, in a declining market.

Penrad had the best part of £1 million through the Welsh Office, but there was not any real muscle behind it. It did not have the hon. Member for Ormskirk and the Left wing of the Labour Party insisting on unlimited amounts of subsidy, and so Kirkby received more. It was largely as a result of the subsidised competition from Kirkby, and partly as a result of the preferential purchasing policy, with Labour-controlled local authorities buying Kirkby products, that Penrad went into liquidation in May 1977 and the jobs in Cardiff were lost.

In January 1978 the Welsh Development Agency invested another £600,000 in the same factory in Cardiff for a group known as the Myson Group Limited, also making heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. If the Government carry on pouring money into Kirkby to maintain its subsidised part of the radiator business, they will be in part giving Kirkby a preferential subsidy compared with another struggling private enterprise firm in another part of the market.' - Hansard [931] 12th December 1978.



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