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Powis's Bus - two newspaper advertisements from 1860. An omnibus service and a ferry service between Cardiff and Penarth.
'Mary' - The steam ferry service to Penarth in 1860 was run by the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company of Bute Docks, Cardiff.

1861 - Notes from the Docks - 'The Mary steam ferry is also brought into dock for repairs, and considering it is now winter time and few people traveling to Penarth, coupled also with heavy dock dues, it would perhaps be more profitable to lay her up until the summer, or until the dock dues are reduced, for at present her expenses must be considerably more than her earnings.' - Cardiff Times [019] [361] 4th January 1861.

It seems the 'Mary' was back in service since there was an advertisement for her published on 26th January 1861. [156] [361]

1861 - Notes from the Docks - 'The Penarth Steam Ferry Mary, is now undergoing repairs, having been in collision with the Black Eagle tug steamer, on Friday last.' - Cardiff Times [019] [361] 19th July 1861.

1864 - "Assaulting an old man. - David Williams, a hobbler, was charged with assaulting an old man of the name of William Rees, stage manager of the ferry boat 'Jane', which plies between Penarth and Cardiff. Fined 1s. (5p) and costs." Cardiff Times [019] 27th May 1864.


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