Penarth Dock, South Wales - 150 years - the heritage and legacy  
Penarth Dock, South Wales - the heritage & legacy . . .

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Alfred Hill - [1844 - 1910]

Mr. Alfred Hill worked at Penarth Dock as a shipwright during the period commencing in the 1860's until 1884 and was listed in local trade directories as a blacksmith. From 1884 until 1895 Mr. Hill was in partnership with Frederick Hodges in the firm of Messrs Hodges & Hill also at Penarth Dock. Thereafter, during the period 1895 - 1910, Mr. Hill was working as ship and boat builder at Penarth Dock in the name of Alfred Hill & Company.

Whilst some of following newspaper reports confirm that he liked a drink too many at the local ale-houses, including the Marine Hotel public house, I am absolutely convinced that Mr. Hill was a hard-working, well respected and talented shipwright working in an environment that would deter the average work-person today from even venturing out of bed in the morning! Oh, and a very Merry Christmas to P.C. Thomas Ford (327)!!

Alfred Hill Works at Penarth Dock
The workshops of Alfred Hill & Co., Engineers and General Ship Repairers c.1905.
The workshops of Alfred Hill & Co., Engineers and General Ship Repairers c.1905.

above - The workshops of Alfred Hill & Co., Engineers and General Ship Repairers c.1905 which were situated at the end of the main dock at Penarth next to the lockgates and swing bridge. [001] The OS map is a revision dating from 1915 and published in 1922. [010] [398]

1869 - Penarth - Petty Sessions - 'Alfred Hill was  charged by Inspector Adams with being drunk on the 17th May in Glebe-street, Penarth. Fined 5s. and costs.' - Cardiff Times [019] [361] 19th June 1869.

1891 - Penarth Police Court - 'Alfred Hill, Penarth, was fined 5s. for being drunk and disorderly in Arcot-street on the night of the 15th instant. P.C. Thomas Jones proved the case.' - Barry Dock News [140] [361] 27th February 1891.

1892 - Penarth Police Court - Charge of Drunkenness Against a Shipwright - 'Alfred Hill, shipwright, was charged by P.C. Thomas Ford (327) with being drunk and disorderly in Maughan-terrace, Penarth, on the evening of Christmas Day. Mr T. H. Belcher, solicitor, appeared for the defence. P.C. Ford said he was coming down from the neighbourhood of the church on the evening of Christmas Day when he heard a man shouting and cursing in Maughan-terrace. He went in that direction, and saw defendant in a drunken and excited condition. He was cursing and swearing, and accusing some person of having stolen his watch and chain at the Dock Hotel. There were many people about.

Defendant refused to go to the police-station to give information to the police of the alleged robbery. He also refused to give his name and address. He (witness), therefore, took him into custody, but he was unable to take to the station because the crowd liberated defendant. During the attempt to take defendant to the station he kicked witness three times on the leg. Defendant also made use of bad language. - Mr. Belcher : 'Bad language is not a very serious offence now-a-days.' (Laughter.)

Evidence in collaboration was given by Edward Lace, landlord of the Dock Hotel, who said defendant was very excited and under the influence of drink. - For the defence, Mr Belcher called Edward Jones, 41, Maughan-street, a pointsman in the employ of the Taff Vale Railway Company ; Henry Dippy, 4, Maughan-terrace ; and Thomas Norman, 38, Salop-place, all of Penarth, each of whom swore distinctly that defendant did not assault the constable, but admitted that he was under the influence of drink. - the Bench imposed a penalty of 5s. and costs for the first offence, but dismissed the second summons.' - Barry Dock News [140] [361] 8th January 1892.

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