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Volume Ten - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Shipping World Article of June 1886 . . .

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'The Shipping World' published an article in its edition of June 1886, complete with some interesting lithographic illustrations, which I felt was worthy of recounting in full. Many thanks to the staff at the Cathays Heritage Centre at Cardiff for their kind assistance in my research. [701] [703]

Penarth Harbour and Dock.

Penarth and its "Roads" are familiar names to shipping and commercial men throughout the maritime world, while Penarth Head, towering 200 ft. above high-water mark, has been for ages a conspicuous landmark to seamen passing up and down the Bristol Channel. The Roads afford accommodation to vessels of the largest size, and it is not unusual, especially during westerly or south-westerly gales, to see a fleet of several hundred vessels riding securely at anchor in good holding ground, and well protected from the storm. Ships are constantly arriving from and departing to all parts of the world, some on their way to Cardiff or Penarth Docks laden with rich hematite ores of Spain, esparto grass, grain, timber, potatoes, &c., but the majority of vessels arriving in ballast : others leaving the Roads carrying far-famed Welsh coal to the farthest corner of the world.

1886 : Entrance to Penarth Dock.

Thirty years ago Penarth was a small agricultural village containing only a half a dozen farms, a few thatched cottages, and a population of less than one hundred persons. It could boast the possession of neither harbour nor dock. In 1861 the population had risen to 1,406 ; ten years after it was stood at 4,763 ; in 1884 it had reached 8,250 ; while it is now estimated by the Medical Officer of Health to be between 9,000 and 10,000. In 1861 the number of inhabited houses was 192 ; in 1877 there were 500 ; and in 1884 the houses numbered 1,500.


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