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Volume Ten - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - Penarth Dock in 1896 . . .

The origin of the following article is a book published in Cardiff by the Western Mail of St. Mary Street during 1896. The article about Penarth Dock and the Ely Tidal Harbour was written by Samuel Thomas, our esteemed Dockmaster, but the book,
'Cardiff : an Illustrated Handbook' [247] was edited by John Ballinger.

1895 - Taff Vale Railway - Penarth Dock and Harbour - a map from the book 'Cardiff : an Illustrated Handbook'.

Penarth Dock. By  S. Thomas.

Penarth Dock is situated under the Penarth Head, within the Port of Cardiff, and is about 1½ miles distant, in a southerly direction from the Bute Docks. The Dock was originally 17½ acres in extent, with a Basin of 3 acres, and was constructed under the provisions of a Special Act of Parliament obtained in the year 1857 by the Penarth Harbour, Dock, and Railway Company. The total outlay amounted to £775,000 and included the construction of the Dock, the Ely Tidal Harbour, and a short line of railway about six miles in length connecting the Dock with the main line of the Taff Vale Railway Company, to whom the whole undertaking was leased for a term of 999 years in 1865, the Dock being opened on June 10th of that year.

The trade of the Dock having developed to such an extent, the Taff Vale Company found it necessary to increase the accommodation by an additional 5½ acres, the Act of Parliament for which was obtained in 1881. The extension works were commenced in November, 1881, and completed in April, 1884, at a cost of £250,000. The length of the Dock is now 2,900 ft., with a Basin of 400 ft. in length, and a water area of Dock and Basin of 26 acres. The width of the Dock entrance is 60 ft. The depth of water at high water ordinary spring tides 36 ft., and at ordinary neaps 26 ft.


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