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'Captain Gorgeous' or Mr. Ben Salter has to take a great deal of responsibility for the development of this website since the selection of images he collected together of 'Old Cardiff Bay' has provided inspiration and has on a number of occasions formed the basis of, and key links to, sources of further information about the Penarth Dock history.

These wonderful images take us back in time and obviously Ben is as passionate about bringing the history and heritage of all things local to the attention of all as I am.

Thank you Ben so much for the inspiration and your work. The images are many and scattered throughout this site so the best view of his work is at the Flickr website and the 'Old Cardiff Bay' series is in my opinion the best place to start. [069]

Ben also provided a number of contributions which have found new items to explore. They are in the forum under Penarth Dock History and these images are already or will be included in the website.




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150 years of Penarth Dock History and Heritage

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