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A kind lady named Anne Bettiss contacted me during July 2015 explaining that she was undertaking research upon the subject of a friend's family history. In the course of this work she found a letter of recommendation for a Mr. Fred Mears dating from 1934.

Mr Mears grandson, Mr. Terry Anthony kindly approved the use of the letter. Many thanks to Anne and Terry for their permission to use a wonderful personal and historic document on this Penarth Dock website.

The letterhead of the Penarth Pontoon, Slipway & Ship Repairing Co. Ltd is included within the history of the Penarth Dock Engineering Company at page 04-09-02 and I cleaned up and used the logo only to close the section regarding the TVR 1908 Act at page 03_14_110.

Penarth Pontoon, Slipway & Ship Repairing Co. Ltd. logoThe letter of recommendation is to be found at page 04-04-04.

Many thanks to Anne and Terry for their contribution. I do hope she will find more interesting information about Fred and his personal and working life at Penarth.




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