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Mr. Richard Harvad has been in contact regarding a variety of items of historical interest relating to ships and the docks at both Penarth and Cardiff since I commenced work on this website. Richard retired from Techniquest after 20 years work there in June 2015 which will allow him time to enjoy other interests.

Richard picked up second hand copy of a book in Barry, called 'We Remember It Well' [326] with text from the Penarth Oral History published in 1995. He informed me that there are two photographs of interest within. One of the river slipway with a few ex lifeboats and yachts, dated 1965 and credited to the Western Mail. The other photo, looking across the dock to the pontoon. In the second image, a steamer is on the pontoon and has an H on the funnel but the name might be too small to read without a clue from the house flag/funnel. There is a double row of private owner waggons in the foreground marked Lockets and H G L. He commented that it is possible to just view the pump house chimney across the dock and oil tanks at the Tidal Harbour. Richard kindly donated the book to my research for this Penarth Dock website.

The photo of the former slipway of the Penarth Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Co. is at page 05_01_02_02

The photo of the ship upon the pontoon is at page 04_01_03_02

Many thanks Richard and good luck in your retirement!



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