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Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Railway Infrastructure of Penarth Dock and Ely Tidal Harbour   . . .

Throughout this Penarth Dock and Ely Tidal Harbour story, the infrastructure of the rail network serving the dock and harbour is undoubtedly central to the function and development of the facilities at Penarth. The Taff Vale Railway Company were the initiators of the scheme to build an outlet for Welsh coal at Penarth and in competition to the Bute empire. There are many references herein to the permanent way, rolling stock, engine-sheds, stations and people who made it all happen, so I thought I would bring them all together in one volume. It also gives me an excuse to add some new items which I have stumbled across during my research. I hope you enjoy what I found.

Engines of Penarth Dock, 1927 - but is one of them an alien intruder?
A Taff Vale Engine in Yorkshire - The restored 0-6-2T Number 85 steam engine built in 1899 which is today very much in running order only a few miles from my home in Yorkshire.
The Penarth Town Crest is proudly included on the postcard, it being commissioned sometime after 1875 by the Penarth Local Board. The image is recorded as showing the TVR “O2” Class 0-6-0T No. 83 engine built by Neilson Reid in 1899 which heads the train at Penarth Dock and Harbour Station.

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