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Volume Nine - Pre-Victorian to the present day - even more aspects - The Railway Infrastructure of Penarth Dock and Ely Tidal Harbour   . . .

Back to the TVR for a moment with another of the fine, cartoon postcards from around the turn of the century. "Not So Fast" the banner proclaims! Could that be my great, great, grandfather I was telling you about in my introduction pages?
The sidings at Llandough in the late 1880's as seen from Penarth Dock and Harbour Station. The development of the track layouts provide a good idea of the rate of growth of the coal trade through the latter part of the 19th century.
Around the turn of the 20th century a number of humorous cartoons were published lampooning the shortcomings of the Taff Vale Railway. This postcard depicts the Cardiff Express from Troedyrhiw! I would have though it was going to, not coming from, since it is, and always was, uphill from Cardiff!
1897 – Local coal merchant C. H. Taylor Esq. lived in a rather large mansion at No 3 Beconsfield in Penarth and liked his coal trucks to stand out from the crowd! This exhibition piece highlights the world class skills and sheer pride of the British engineers and manufacturers at that time.

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